Make-up foundation Aapplication - Step by step


With a brush, fingernail, pat into, smudge, with or without a cream? Which one of us does not have similar dilemmas during any make-up foundation application? Suffice to learn a few beauty tips in order to perform perfect make-up.

Care first. No make-up foundation will look pretty on dishevelled face. If you do make-up before work or school, so called daily make-up, refresh your skin with a light toner or pat into a moisturizing cream (this should be done especially during winter) and spray with thermal water right before make-up foundation application. When the cosmetics get absorbed, you can put on a make-up foundation. If you do evening make-up, start with precise daily make-up removal. Do not touch up make-up that you were wearing throughout a day. All you achieve that way, will be grotty appearance and your skin will be covered with several unnecessary cosmetic layers. Next, cleanse your face with a toner, perform skin exfoliation process and put on a face mask. Before application of a make-up foundation, pat into a moisturizing cream first or smooth your complexion with an oil.

How to apply a make-up foundation in the summer?

Start with a moisturizing cream, and then apply a sunscreen cream. After that, perform your make-up routine. If you are afraid that the cream may empathize dry parts of your skin, then exfoliate your skin beforehand. This procedure should smooth your face and ease another cosmetics application. When it comes to the sunscreen, apply it the way described in a leaflet attached. Only proper application should prevent from complexion drying out and excessive face whitening (however, each sunscreen whitens face skin a little bit.) Good news, some cosmetics preventing from the sun, can replace a make-up base.

Now, time for a make-up foundation.

Squeeze a small quantity of the product onto your palm. Due to this action, the cosmetic warms up quickly and, as a consequence, it is easier to distribute the product over your face. Certainly, a make-up foundation can be applied by a brush, a sponge or your fingertips. All the mentioned manners of application are equally good and you can shuffle the techniques freely. Point often overlooked, a certain make-up foundation can be allied by a particular accessory since the consistency of the product determines the way of application. Pat gently the make-up foundation into the face. If you would like to obtain greater degree of coverage, apply another layers of the cosmetic gradually.

Use a concealer only when you are in need to cover discolourations, acne marks and dark circles under the eyes. At the end, fix the make-up with a transparent powder that is able to adjust to your skin tone and shade of the make-up foundation.