The best eyelash serum. What should be taken into account while choosing one?


There are plenty of determinants indicating the best eyelash serum. These can be bracketed with, among others, working, efficiency, price, manner of application and treatment length. Does there exist any ideal eyelash serum?

How should the best eyelash serum work like?

Obviously, fast, efficiently and effectively. Fast, because some eyelash serums are able to produce the first effects within two weeks. Efficiently, since it should improve eyelashes the way the producer claims to do. And effectively because at the end of the treatment, eyelashes should double their length and look as if these were false. Unfortunately, there is always a ‘but.’

Not each eyelash serum works fast. First of all, it may simply poor. Secondly, not every eyelash serum works the same way on every human organism. One can see the results faster than others. Thirdly, eyelash serums’ producers understands term ‘fast’ differently. For one, ‘fast’ stands for two weeks, for others that term equals a month. And what does ‘fast’ mean to you?

The best eyelash serum works efficiently. What does that mean in particular? It should lengthen, make denser, regenerate and moisturize lashes. Unfortunately, there are also eyelash serums that improve nothing at all. To make matters worse, these even cause irritations. There are also eyelash serums which work only half-way. And what does that mean? Basically, we buy an eyelash serum with a hope, it will lengthen and volumize our eyelashes. Meanwhile, the product produces other results, for example, moisturization and regeneration. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with that, nevertheless, this was not the result we were expecting to be gained, is it?

Effectiveness is also an issue when it comes to eyelash serum work. On one hand, market offers eyelash serums that works really spectacularly. These can extend lashes to such a degree that we do not have to curl these using an eyelash curler or stylize with special mascaras. On the other hand, shops are full of eyelash serums that have got nothing in common with the above-mentioned noun. Such products are so shoddy that it would be better to devote time to cover the eyelashes with a castor oil instead.

What are other features that the best eyelash conditioner should be characterized with? First of all, the application should be effortless. Secondly, it should comprise of only natural substances. Easy application, so what kind of application? Basically, eyelash serums are sold with brushes as applicators. With these, a user has to paint a line right on the eyelash base. For that reason, the application is alike the one performed while drawing an eyeline using a typical eyeliner. And what are the safe ingredients? Generally, these are the ones that do not cause irritations, take care of around eye skin area, and what is the most important, these are able to improve the condition, lengthen and strengthen eyelashes.