3# FEG eyelash serum


First impression: FEG eyelash serum creates the impression of a regular care product. The cardboard box presents nice, although, the bottle with the cosmetic is nothing extraordinary, a simple plastic package. Well, the pluses of FEG eyelash serum are definitely the consistency, since it will be absorbed promptly, and a brush applicator. Due to the brush, it will be easy to supply even the densely arranged lashes, or those located in inner and outer corners of the eye with the cosmetic.

Treatment: It lasts approximately five months, and the cosmetic' residues can be used even for the following several weeks. As applied systematically, the results are produced in a month. And for me, it is rather long. Moreover, it is important to apply FEG eyelash conditioner systematically, every evening, during the period of time mentioned in the leaflet.

If we disturb the treatment in any way, the effects will not be as good as we expect them to be and, as a result, we will not be content with what we have gained.

Application: Easy and fast. The applicator is handy and easy to use. What is more, due to the thin bristle, we are sure that each and every single lash is appropriately nourished. Luckily, you do not have to wait long to let the eyelash serum get absorbed. All you have to remember though, is to remove makeup since no cosmetic should be put on painted eyes. Eye shadows and mascara can preclude FEG eyelash serum from reaching roots of the lashes.

Outcomes: I have to admit, eyelid skin was not irritated because the eyelash serum comprises of relieving substances like a cucumber or green tea. When it comes to the eyelashes, these were nourished and shiny for sure, although, these did not change their length. Maybe they were extended just about a few millimeters, not more. I thought, FEG eyelash serum would be more effective. Unfortunately, the product has influenced only the look and the general condition of eyelashes by strengthening and moisturizing these instead of lengthening, thickening and darkening the little hair of eyelids.

Conclusion: If somebody would like to nourish their eyelashes then buying FEG eyelash serum may turn out being a good idea. Nevertheless, if somebody counts on extending and thickening of eyelashes, than, there is no point in wasting the money, especially that FEG costs a fortune. Besides, FEG eyelash serum does not bring the effects that are set at the beginning of the treatment. For that reason, it will do only for sparse, thin and weak lashes.