10# Lash P7 eyelash serum


First impression: Lash P7 eyelash serum creates positive impression, however, I find nothing exceptional in the box. The applicator does not surprise because it looks like other similar products. Fortunately, the liquid consistency does not run down into the eyes, as I was afraid it would. Lash P7 has this kind of formula because of one simple reason. The product is to be applied only on the upper eyelid. As the leaflet informs, Lash P7 eyelash serum is able to reach the lower eyelid on its own.

And this is the application of liquid consistency.

Treatment: It lasts six months but the amount of the cosmetic provided is enough to conduct eight-month treatment, even if applied everyday. According to the producer, the lashes can double their length after a month of application. What I can add, my eyelashes have become longer but not as much as I would like them to do. Lash P7 eyelash serum does not work so amazingly. In my opinion, it should also thicken, strengthen, darken and regenerate eyelashes.

Application: It does not cause any problems. The application is easy, all you have to do is distributing the product onto eyelash base. The brush is thin, which is why, it has no difficulties in reaching the gaps between eyelashes. Worth mentioning, lash P7 does not run down the eyes and, as a result, the product can be called as irritation-free. However, if some of these happen to occur, rinse the eyes or even resign from several applications.

Outcomes: Eyelashes are a little bit longer and prettier, although, it is not the effect I was looking forward to. Especially, that greater results are achieved as soon as the therapy ends, so after six months. Unfortunately, after that time, there is slightly any amount of Lash P7 eyelash serum left so there is the necessity of buying another bottle in order to support the outcomes of the treatment. Luckily, at that time, you have to apply the eyelash serum twice a week. As it is no hard to guess, achieved outcomes vanish after some time.

Conclusion: Lash P7 eyelash serum will do wonder for people who seek for regeneration and strengthening of the eyelashes, not the extension or density improvement. When it comes to the application, nobody who knows how to use an eyeliner will experience problems. The greatest drawback is definitely the high price.