9# M2Lashes eyelash serum


First impression: Usually, I do not pay my attention to the package, however, this one may be attractive to some women. When I look at the package, it reminds me of elegant perfumes or some other kind of luxurious cosmetic. And what is the capacity of the bottle? It equals 5 ml, which is why, the eyelash serum lasts long enough to conduct M2Lashes complete treatment.

Treatment: The full treatment lasts approximately six months or more. It depends, because you can apply M2Lashes not so frequently once you achieve the results you wanted to gain. In my case, any sort of results were visible after two months, whereas, the final ones were produced after four months! And this is very long time to wait.

Application: Easy and fast. It is performed without any problems. M2Lashes has a pointy-ended brush that works as an applicator. Due to this brush, it is fairly easy to apply the cosmetic on the upper and lower eyelash roots. People having sensitive eyes should take special precautions and be careful to do not put the applicator into the eye. In such a case, irritations such as eye-ache, itchiness, swellings, eyelid discolouration or redness of eyes are inevitable.

I have read in the leaflet that when any of the side effects occurs, you have to rinse eyes with lukewarm water, stop the treatment or even ask a dermatologist or an eye doctor for a help.

Outcomes: When finally, somehow, the effects are gained, than these appear to be minor, just slight lengthening and thickening of eyelashes, nothing more. For sure, eyelashes become stronger, more moisturized and generally prettier. And this is obtained mainly due to hyaluronic acid. Still, one cannot count on extraordinary eyelash extension. In other words, M2Lashes eyelash serum has only regenerating and caring properties. It does not affect length, thickness or density. All it can guarantee is nourishment and better hold of eyelash roots in the follicles.

Conclusion: Even if the eyelash serum worked better, I would not buy it. It simply costs too much and for the same price, I would buy two cheaper and more effective eyelash serums. For me, M2Lashes eyelash serum does not work as effectively as I expected it to do.