6# Xlash Pro eyelash serum


First impression: Xlash Pro eyelash serum does not stand out with anything special. It contains a brush to distribute the eyelash serum. In fact, it is similar to an eyeliner applicator. It is absorbed fast despite liquid its consistency. Although the bottle is made from some kind of synthetic substance, it does not have any impact on the product, as it turned out later.

Treatment: A single package of Xlash Pro eyelash serum (6 ml) lasts for about 10 months, which for me, is enormously long period of treatment. Honestly, this is the longest course of eyelash treatment I have ever hear about. After a month, small changes are visible, and after four months the maximal results are achieved. What is done during the remaining six months? Simply apply Xlash Pro a few times a week in order to keep the effects the way they are. There is this smaller version of the product as well. Xlash Pro eyelash serum is also available in 3 ml bottle version.

This, in turn, lasts for like four months of the treatment, I suppose.

Application: The eyelash serum should be put on the upper and lower eyelash root line. It does not cause bigger problems. All you have to keep in mind is to be careful to do not let the cosmetic get into your eyes because it may cause pain and eyelid swelling. One thing, that I should add, Xlash Pro is absorbed immediately, and it leaves marks on neither eyelid skin nor eyelashes.

Outcomes: At the beginning, I have noticed slight eyelash lengthening, nevertheless, during course of the treatment, eyelashes were turning stronger and healthier. Unfortunately, the therapy lasts long enough to have difficulties in noticing any considerable changes brought about. Basically, it is hard to state whether the lashes are still growing or not. Moreover, Xlash Pro eyelash serum does not work as marvelously as I would it did. Really, it is hard for me to assess length or density of my lashes after the treatment.

Conclusion: Xlash Pro eyelash serum's amount provided by the producer lasts long and has fairly intriguing composition. I mean, the number of ingredients may sometimes terrify since the less components the better. We can find here plant extracts which is not a good news for allergic sufferers, I guess. Moreover, some ingredients of the product can irritate or cause a kind of discomfort to people having sensitive or super dry skin. What is more, the results, if achieved any, can be seen only when you look closely, and you have to wait for these long. Unfortunately, the greatest drawback of the eyelash serum is its exorbitant price.