How to get smooth skin?



The answer is surprisingly easy. Purify, exfoliate and moisturize. It all depends also on the types of the cosmetics' you are going to use. It is widely-known, natural, ecological or those highly recommended by other users cosmetics are generally the best ones. Profound effects are also generated by skin care conducted with the aid of high quality cosmetics. What is more, the condition of your face skin depends largely on you, your regularity and whether you apply the cosmetics properly or not.

The first stage of complexion care is make-up removal and purification. In order to remove make-up, use a lotion (if your skin is dry,) a micellar lotion cleanser (if your skin is normal) or pharmaceutical preparations (if your skin is sensitive or acne.) Put a small amount of the cosmetic onto a cotton pad and press it towards your skin. Wait for a while till make-up starts melting, and then cleanse the skin with a toner. If you are acne and blackheads sufferer, it is suggested to use toners with acid additives. In such a way, you will eliminate the imperfections of your complexion.

It is no surprise, people having dry skin type should benefit from the wide range of moisturizing cosmetics.

Skin exfoliation is yet another stage of face care. Surely, consistency and composition of a face scrub should match the skin type. Enzymatic face scrubs do wonders for people having sensitive skin type. You will not irritate the complexion because the exfoliation process is performed during melting skin cells that happens due to plant enzymes. Fine-grained or coarse grained face scrubs belong to the mechanical techniques of skin exfoliation. These are able to exfoliate greater surfaces of face skin way faster.

As soon as you exfoliate your skin, apply a face mask. You can choose among various types of the cosmetics, starting from peel-off face masks, through face masks that do not require rinsing off, and ending with these that dry out on ones face, creating a kind of a shell. The most popular are clay face masks. Select the appropriate colour of the masks since it determines the properties the product holds. Equally successful are the face masks prepared at home from the products you keep in your cupboards, for example, an oat face mask or the one with honey or avocado.

The last stage of face skin care is moisturization. Must be remembered, right after rinsing a face mask off, especially the one containing moisturizing features, the face skin may be dry or contracted. In order to hydrate it, use a cream or an oil. Naturally, pick the cosmetics accordingly to your skin type, consistency and the season. To clarify, oily creams are better when used in the winter and works best on dry skin type. Obviously, light creams will hold on the face during hot summer days and give comfort for oily and combination skin.