7# Idol Lash eyelash serum


First impression: Idol Lash eyelash serum is similar in appearance if compared to a mascara, although, mascara is not packed in a blue cardboard box. When you twist off the cup, you are going to see a brush, eyeliner alike, and a transparent consistency of the cosmetic. Naturally, lack of pigments may be beneficial for people struggling with skin allergies.

Treatment: One Idol Lash package of 5 ml capacity lasts for about a seven-month treatment. During the course of the therapy, the eyelash serum should change look of the eyelashes, in such an extend, that we no longer need to use mascara. Unfortunately, my case works as a proof, that you will need a mascara both during the treatment as well as when it is finally over.

Application: Before Idol Lash eyelash serum application, it is necessary to remove makeup first. You should focus mainly on eyelids and eyelashes because if you do not remove all makeup residues, then the cosmetic will approach obstacles and, as a consequence, might not find a way to reach eyelash roots. The application is performed with the brush, that is very comfortable to use and can reach even the tiniest eyelashes located in corners of the eyes. You have to simply apply a thin line on both upper and lower eyelash base.

What is more, Idol Lash eyelash serum is absorbed promptly, does not discolour eyelids and stays on the place where applied, does not get into eyes.

Outcomes: The minimal extension is observable as approximately a month passes by. After that, eyelashes regenerate slowly. Sadly enough, the developments, in terms of appearance and condition of eyelashes that are taking place, are not remarkable at any degree. So I can say that Idol Lash eyelash serum does not work in a multidimensional way. Instead of extending, volume improvement or colour darkening, the product only strengthens, nourishes and regenerates eyelashes. The truth is, less lashes fall out during makeup removal, but still, such outcomes are not satisfying.

Conclusion: Yes, Idol Lash eyelash serum lasts long. It is a pity, it does not bring the expected results withing the seven-month course of treatment. On the other hand, the strong advantages of the product are easy application, capacity and eyelash strengthening. Is Idol Lash the best eyelash serum? Rather not. It could be designed better to make it work more effectively. Besides, you can buy greater eyelash serums for the same price as Idol Lash's.