17# Quickmax eyelash serum


First impression: What I can say, Quickmax made good first impression. It is one of those products, which stands out from other similar preparations because of the colourful package and comfortable applicator. What is more, the cosmetic has semi-liquid consistency therefore, it requires skilful application. When you open the cardboard box, you will find a leaflet that covers information concerning application, composition and expected outcomes.

Treatment: I was using a 5-mililitre bottle of Quickmax for around six months. I noticed changes that had affected my lashes after four weeks of regular application. The desired results, in turn, could be noticeable after more than two months. I have to add, Quickmax contains one of my favourite ingredients, hyaluronic acid.

Thanks to this substance, not only eyelashes but also eyelids’ skin are moisturized, smooth and healthier.

Application: Application has to be conducted every evening till you get the lashes you want. After that, you can put the eyelash serum every other day, or even less frequently. When it comes to the application itself, you have to use Quickmax eyelash serum as if you were using an eyeliner, and you have to distribute the product on upper eyelids only. The cosmetic gets to lower eyelashes as we are sleeping. When you finally perform the application, you have to wait a while to let the cosmetic get absorbed. If you are a contact lenses wearer as I am, you have to remember to take off these before putting on Quickmax.

Outcomes: I can say that Quickmax improves condition of eyelashes as well as eyelids’. When the treatment is about to end, it is obvious that eyelashes are healthier, prettier and more nourished. What is more, these become stronger and more resistant to damages and stop falling out during make-up removal in such big amounts these used to. To be frank, I had difficulties in noticing changes in terms of eyelash extension of density improvement.

Conclusion: For me, Quickmax eyelash serum contains plenty of features, however, all of these are connected with eyelash care only. For that reason, women who are counting on eyelash lengthening or density improvement will be sadly disappointed. Thanks to natural ingredients, the eyelash serum influences eyelid skin positively and causes neither irritations nor allergies.