18# Neulash eyelash serum


First impression: Definitely, Neulash eyelash serum creates good first impression. A silver and glossy bottle looks nice and as a white cardboard box looks solid. Inside, there is a leaflet containing all essential data concerning application, composition and working of the eyelash serum. When twisting the cap off the bottle we can see an orange brush. The eyelash serum has to be used as if we were using an eyeliner.

Treatment: As far as I am concerned, Neulash’s bottle contains 6 ml of the cosmetic. This enabled me to conduct a seven-month treatment. I can also add that although the cosmetic has liquid consistency it did not run down into my eyes. What is more, I was not irritated by it and my eyelids and eyelashes were not discoloured or covered with strange sticky substances.

Naturally, I followed producer’s instructions and when I saw my eyelashes looked the way I wanted, I started applying Neulash less frequently.

Application: Every single application must be performed on cleansed eyelash skin because make-up residues may make it difficult for Neulash to get into follicles. When eyelids are clean and dry, you can apply the cosmetic. Obviously, you have to use the brush that I have been describing before. Just draw a line on eyelash base of upper eyelid only because the cosmetic gets to lower eyelashes while sleeping. I can also add that the eyelash serum is absorbed fast therefore I could apply an under eye cream along with other care cosmetics almost immediately after putting on Neulash.

Outcomes: Neulash’s task is to extend, improve density, and strengthen eyelashes. Thanks to hyaluronic acid, the product does not only moisturize eyelashes but also takes care of skin around eyes. I can say that when I use a mascara of curling properties, my new eyelashes look even bigger and simply prettier. Unfortunately, I have to report that the outcomes did not last as long as I expected. I suppose, these wore off after more or less two months since the last application.

Conclusion: In my opinion Neulash eyelash serum costs much. The price does not go hand in hand with the outcomes that it generates. Honestly, I expected more from such a product. Eyelash growth and density should be more visible and durable. For that reason, it is not a wise idea to spend a fortune on a caring cosmetic like this.