11# Prolash eyelash serum


First impression: A juicy orange package of Prolash eyelash serum creates favourable impression. I like the idea of the bottle being transparent because we are able to keep an eye on the level of product's consumption. Because the consistency is rather thick and dense, the application of the cosmetic may be a little bit demanding. Sometimes, eyelashes are covered with little, white stains and these the residues of Prolash eyelash serum.

Treatment: I did not experience any bigger problems, although, quite an obstacle was posed by the consistency and the brush that is a little bit shaggy. The treatment lasts definitely more than six months. During the course of a half of a year, eyelashes are changing but only slightly. Definitely, their condition is improved but this is all that differs from their pre-treatment look. And this is the only plus that can be pointed out, because there are no other advantages to mention.

Basically, Prolash eyelash serum works only superficially.

Application: If the brush was thin and well-made, than application would be considerably easier. I had to be careful not to let Prolash eyelash serum get into the eyes. Instead of covering only eyelash root line, I had a half of the eyelid covered with the eyelash serum. Luckily enough, I have never inserted the brush into the eye. However, I know that such accidents may happen, therefore, I suggest rinsing the eye with huge amount of water or even stop the treatment for a while, if some serious irritations develop. Such a person can even ask a general practitioner for a help.

Outcomes: Unfortunately, no effects are noticeable after ten days of regular application. The results, if there are any, appear after a month. Prolash eyelash serum rather lengthens, nourishes and moisturizes eyelashes. When the treatment is over, it is hard to notice density improvement. What is more, there is no sigh of darkening whatsoever. On the other hand, eyelashes are only, strengthened, regenerated and glossy. To my surprise, the outcomes disappear within a few weeks since the last application. I would never think, that any eyelash serum could work in this disappointing manner.

Conclusion: You can buy Prolash on the Internet for several pounds plus shipping cost. Nevertheless, in my opinion, it is not worth buying the product that cannot be titled 'the best eyelash serum.' Firstly, because it may lead to irritation formation if we perform the application unskillfully or when we are allergic to some of Prolash eyelash serums' ingredients. Secondly, because it neither improves density nor makes the lashes thicker. Moisturization and strengthening is not enough. Thirdly, Prolash eyelash serum is rather thick in consistency and the applicator is simply awkward.