15# Talika Lipocils eyelash serum


First impression: I like the way Talika Lipocils eyelash serum presents itself, however, I was quite surprised with the applicator. I am used to eyeliner-like brushes, obviously when it comes to eyelash serum, and Talika Lipocils has a brush as if it was taken from a mascara. As it is no hard to guess, this eyelash serum has to be applied the same way a mascara is put on. The bottle looks nice and the arrangement of the applicator’s bristle eases combing eyelashes.

Treatment: Length of Talika Lipocils eyelash serum treatment depends on the bottle’s capacity. The smaller bottle contains 4,2 ml of the cosmetic and it enables to conduct more or less a four-month treatment. The bigger bottle containing 10 ml of the eyelash serum holds out around six months. During course of the treatment, eyelashes are supplied with substances that are responsible for moisturization and nourishment. What is more, the product takes care of skin around eyes too. I have heard that Talika Lipocils can be applied also on eyebrows.

Definitely, the applicator makes setting and supplying eyebrows with nourishing substances much easier.

Application: Naturally, application does not differ from coating eyelashes with a mascara. The brush has to slide from the base of eyelashes up to their tips. Talika Lipocils has thick consistency therefore it stays on the place where applied and does not cause irritations. Yet, it may happen that the cosmetic will create a kind of white marks or lumps on eyelashes. If somebody would like to apply Talika Lipocils on eyebrows, then the brush has to be moved accordingly to the direction of eyebrow’s growth.

Outcomes: The eyelash serum has caring and nourishing substances. It also strengthens damaged eyelashes, regenerates weakened hair, moisturizes and curls. What is more, Talika Lipocils takes care of skin around eyes making it smoother and highlighted. I have to add, the outcomes produced by the eyelash serum hold as long as we apply the cosmetic.

Conclusion: I am satisfied with Talika Lipocils eyelash serum working. At most, I am content with moisturization and regeneration of my eyelashes. These become stronger and prettier. What is more, eyelid skin was not irritated by the cosmetic. In fact, it works the other way round, the eyelash serum made the eyelid skin elastic and smooth.