14# Latisse eyelash serum


First impression: The product surprises me positively while considering its content. I have never seen something like that before. The bottle has got a cork and the producer attached a set of applicators that can be used while putting on the eyelash serum. Generally, Latisse does not resemble a regular eyelash serum although it extends and improves density of lashes.

Treatment: A bottle of Latisse contains 3 ml of the cosmetic. I consumed it within 3 months. In my opinion, it is just insufficient amount of the cosmetic, I mean, the treatment should last longer. However, I achieved the first results fairly fast because within around three weeks or so of using Latisse. Since there is no need to apply Latisse every evening when you achieve the results you want, I did not reapply the eyelash so frequently. My eyelashes were growing and thickening as succeeding weeks were passing by.

Unfortunately, all the outcomes that Latisse had generated disappeared within 2 months.

Application: As I have mentioned a moment ago, I used the brushes attached to the package. One brush should be used for one eyelid, I mean, when you draw a line on left eye eyelash base you have to throw the brush away and reach for a new one to repeat the procedure on a right eye eyelash base. I have to warn other women, it is forbidden to coat eyelashes with Lattise since it is highly possible that you will develop some kind of irritations like eye pain, eyelid swelling or redness of eyeballs.

Outcomes: Thanks to Latisse, my eyelashes became longer, stronger and denser. Moreover, their condition was improved within a month. If you perform application appropriately, no discomforts should be experienced. In my view, Latisse would be a great product for eyelash extension if the outcomes did not vanish so quickly.

Conclusion: Not only Latisse’s price is extremely high but also the product is hard to get. Obviously, you have to add cost of applicators because you have to purchase several more of these. Simply the set attached to the package is not enough to conduct the complete course of the treatment. For that reason, the price of the treatment is higher than just buying one package of the eyelash serum. Another drawback is the insufficient efficiency of Latisse. And the outcomes are short-lived.