16# Hairplus eyelash serum


First impression: The appearance of the product is nice, however, to be honest, there is nothing exceptional about Hairplus eyelash serums’ package. Just like many others, a cardboard box with a bottle and a leaflet inside. I suppose white and gold colours of the box and the bottle are to create an impression of Hairplus being a luxurious cosmetic. When I open the bottle, I see a thin brush. I am sure, I will not have any problems with application, I like this kinds of applicators. What is more, Hairplus is transparent and does not smell at all. But that is good.

The less ingredients significantly decrease the possibilities of irritations, and these are rather troublesome.

Treatment: Hairplus’ producer decided to provide 3 ml of the product. Such an amount lasts for 3 months of systematic application, so if somebody would like to support the achieved outcomes, s/he has to buy another package of the eyelash serum. I noticed the first results of Hairplus treatment like after three weeks or so, and these were connected with improvement of eyelashes’ condition.

Application: For me, the application was a piece of cake. I put on eyeliners everyday so I am used to drawing a line on my eyelids. The only difference in here, Hairplus has to be applied at bedtime, not in the morning, when women do their daily makeup routine. The consistency of the product is satisfactory since it stays on the place where applied. One thing to mention, I guess, I have sensitive eyelid skin because I experienced discomfort in a form of stinging, but just at the beginning of the treatment. Actually, this reaction did surprise me because Hairplus contains only natural ingredients.

Outcomes: I noticed first eyelash changes after approximately three weeks. In general, these become regenerated and nourished for sure, but that was all. After another three months, I saw that finally the eyelashes started extending their length. The desired results were easy to see like after three months of regular application. After these 12 weeks, I obtained longer and denser eyelashes. I apply more of Hairplus in corners of the eyes and eyelashes grow denser in these particular places.

Conclusion: The producer recommends Hairplus for not only eyelashes but also for eyebrows. I am sure, that if somebody would like to undergone the complex treatment, s/he has to buy at least two bottles of the eyelash serum. I am not also sure, if it is O.K. to wait almost a month in order to gain the first results. Nevertheless, if someone is patient enough and persistent, then s/he would be satisfied with the outcomes. Three months of Hairplus treatment to get longer, denser, regenerated and nourished eyelashes.