13# Lilash eyelash serum


First impression: The package of Lilash eyelash serum looks solid and the cosmetic itself is tightly closed. As a consequence, we are sure that nobody has opened the cosmetic before us. Nevertheless, the material the bottle is made from, looks like an ordinary plastic covered with gray paint. Of course, the aesthetic of the package does not necessarily have the connection with the product working.

Treatment: The complete course of Lilash eyelash serum treatment lasts up to six months. In order to complete the treatment, the producer has designed 5.9 ml bottle. When it comes to the smaller version containing 2.95 ml of the product, it may work as a supplementary treatment supporting the achieved outcomes. And the effects are produced in the middle of the treatment.

Fortunately, while applying Lilash eyelash serum, I did not notice any irritations or strange skin reactions.

Application: Before every single application, you have to cleanse eye skin area, eyelids and eyelashes. Then, you have to dry the face. Next, you have to take Lilash eyelash serum's brush and draw a thin line on your eyelids. To be more specific, the cosmetic has to be distributed on the upper and lower eyelash base. The applicator itself is easy to use, however, inexperienced people may encounter some difficulties with it. It do may happen, that the product reaches eyes, and this may lead to irritation in a form of stinging or eye redness. Naturally, under such circumstances, you should rinse the eye with water. It is also advised to apply chamomile compresses. If the irritation is not relieved, you can make an appointment with a doctor.

Outcomes: Rather insufficient since eyelashes got longer like two or three millimeters only. If one decides to use an eyelash serum, then the expectations are completely different than the outcomes generated. What is more, it is hard to see any improvement in terms of density, thickening or regeneration of eyelashes.

Conclusion: In my view, Lilash eyelash serum is not the best one available on the market. As I have mentioned before, I did not notice any significant changes, no volume, no nourishment, no moisturization etc. Despite the handy and comfortable applicator, Lilash eyelash serum can reach eyes and irritate these. The paint covering the bottle simply wears off after several weeks of usage. Finally, the high price can scare off people from buying the product.