1# Nanolash eyelash serum


First impression: I have to admit, Nanolash eyelash serum made very good first impression on me. It has got a smart designed package. The box is made of the best quality cardboard, and the bottle itself is hermetically sealed, which is why, we are sure that the cosmetic is tamper-proof. Additionally, due to the sealing, the product will not spill out or become damaged. After twisting the cap off, we can see a tiny, orange brush. Inside the cardboard box, there is a leaflet attached, containing all necessary information concerning dosage, ingredients and all that jazz. The eyelash serum is transparent and is of liquid consistency.

What is more, its composition does not include any fragrances, which may gratify all allergic sufferers.

Treatment: The complete treatment lasts around six months. While undergoing it, the look of my eyelashes was changing dramatically. The first effects were visible after around two weeks, whereas, the final outcome was gained after two or three months. As soon as this period of time passes, it is advisable to reapply Nanolash eyelash serum every few days in order to support gained outcomes, which hold really long. In my opinion, it is simply amazing that Nanolash works so fast!

Nanolash eyelash serum

Application: It is a piece of cake. It looks as if you were drawing a line with a regural eyeliner. What is more, the eyelash serum should be reapplied every evening on the cleansed eyelid skin. I have to draw everybody's attention to the fact, that your eyelid has to be perfectly clean to enable Nanolash the fastest and the easiest way to reach eyelash roots. Just a small amount of the eyelash serum applied on the upper and lower eyelash line is enough. Since I achieved the desired results, I applied Nanolash eyelash serum a few times a week.

Outcomes: Nanolash works brilliantly! Early on, the eyelash conditioner strengthened, and then gradually extended, improved density and made my eyelashes darker. Eyelashes are nourished and regenerated. Surprisingly, mascara became a useless cosmetic for me. The most important though, is that the eyelash serum stimulates growth of new eyelashes. After around two weeks, I observed that there were a lot of new eyelashes growing, especially in inner and outer corners of my eyes.

Conclusion: Nanolash is the best eyelash serum on the market. It works not only fast but also efficiently. What is more, the eyelash serum does not cause irritations, is gentle for skin and eyes. Furthermore, the product is easy to apply and, what is the most important, the first effects are produced after 15 days. It is absolutely wonderful! I can honestly say that Nanolash eyelash serum is designed for every woman who would like to have longer, prettier, stronger and denser eyelashes.

Website : http://nanolash.co.uk