2# Lashcode eyelash serum


First impression: Lashcode eyelash serum makes a very good first impression. One of the biggest pluses of this product is the size - 5 ml, which is quite unusual (most eyelash serums hold 3 ml). The packaging - both the tube and the box - looks good, and the design is original and stylish. It is also worth pointing out that the tube is solid and endures much, meaning that not only does it protect the serum from the sunlight, but also it prevents spillages, even when the tube slips out of your hands and hits the floor. Last but not least, inside the box you can also find a leaflet containing instructions for use and other important information about the eyelash serum.

Treatment: The whole treatment lasts approximately 6 months, however, the magic happens during the first few weeks - this is when the sudden lash extension is noticed. Later, the serum's task is to sustain the effect of long and full-looking eyelashes. In other words, the first results can be noticed after 2 weeks, whereas the final ones need 2-3 months. The pace at which the effects are achieved is strongly connected with the state of the eyelashes at the beginning of the treatment.

Lashcode eyelash serum is formulated with well-selected ingredients that together create a one-of-a-kind lash booster. 

Application: It is child's play. Do you want to apply Lashcode fast and correctly? Use the applicator to draw an invisible line with the serum along the lash base, just as if you were doing thisLashcode with a regular eyeliner. Keep reapplying the serum every evening at bedtime, after removing makeup and drying the eyelids with a clean towel. Within a couple of weeks, you will notice how incredibly long and thick your lashes have become.

Outcomes: Lashcode makes lashes stronger, improves their appearance and helps them become resistant to possible damage. The eyelashes exposed to Lashcode treatment look wonderful: they are darker, thick and moisturized.

Conclusion: Lashcode is a brilliant eyelash serum that conditions the lashes and promotes their growth just flawlessly. This is the best eyelash serum formulated with natural substances proven to be perfectly able to condition and strengthen the lashes. Lashcode delivers quick effects leaving lashes repaired and fuller-looking. Finally, this eyelash serum is cost-effective.

More info on the product here: lashcode.co.uk